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Types of Brass 45° Flare Tube Fittings :

45° Flare Elbow 90° Flare Female Elbow 90° Flare Male Elbow
Flare Branch Tee Flare Elbow Union Flare Female Connector
Flare Long Nut Flare Male Connector Flare Short Nut
Flare Stop Plug Flare Tee Union Flare Union

Vibration Resistance :

Short Nut - Fair, Long Nut - Improved

Conformance :

Meets SAE, ASME and ASA Standards as noted by configuration

Working Pressure :

2000 PSI Maximum based on tubing size ALWAYS consult tubing specifications

Brass Connectors Applications :

LP Gas, refrigeration, natural gas, instrumentation, pneumatic systems, and other applications where copper, brass, aluminum and steel tubing are used. Tubing must be able to be flared.

Temperature Range: Benefit:
-65 to +250°F Reduces maintenance costs and assembly time.
-54 to +121°C Reduces the number of SKU's required to cover needs.
  More sales opportunities.
Advantage: Feature:
Reusable body and nut. No need to replace when disassembling.
Long nut vibration resistance. Applicable in wider range of applications.
Extruded and Forged available. Conforms to more customers' requirements.

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