HareKrishna Enterprise

Product :

Brass Fasteners range from normal bolts to Hex Nuts and Washers. They are quite handy in many applications in the industry. Bolts, Hex Nuts and Washers come in various gauges, dimensions and thickness that required by the consumers.

Material :

Brass of high grade is the main metal that come in handy with the brass fasteners, the material range from brass rods, hollow pipes or brass metal sheets depending on the product's requirement of manufacture. RoHs Brass Material.

Finish & Coating :

Fasteners come out in shining brass or buffed brass. However they are natural brass buffed, tin plated, nickel chromium plated, copper layered or SS plated depending on the maneuverability of the component or else depend on the consumer's requirements.

We Provide Quality Metal Components As Per Your Requirement.