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Features Of BrassAnchor :

  • They are highly corrosion resistant and can be installed in all environments.
  • The embossed surface of the product provide extra grip that is highly recommended too.
  • They are available in conical shapes and assure equal expansion while screwed.
  • They can be used with almost all building materials – concrete, stone, wood etc.
  • They are completely temperature resistant and easy to use or apply.

Types of Brass Anchors :

Brass Round Stud AnchorsBrass Wood Anchors
Brass Pool Cover AnchorsBrass Concrete Anchors
Brass Sleeve AnchorsBrass Drop Anchor
Brass Pool AnchorBrass Slotted Anchors
Brass Knuling AnchorsBrass Slotted Anchors

Product Description :

  • Internal Tapering module which enables the Anchor to expand and to auto lock the suspension rod and gets into position.
  • It has Larger Bearing area and functions also as a socket.
  • Suitable for solid brick, light concrete hollow core concrete panels and timber.
  • Brass anchors are also useful with light weight rail fixings.
  • The body is knurled for improved performance.
  • Fixture can be removed and replaced.

Materials :

For Manufacturing of the sturdy anchors in brass, high grade brass rods are cut and holed and threaded for reliable anchoring.

Finish :

Brass Anchors Come Primarily in Natural Brass, However They Can be Coated with Chromium Nickel, Copper or SS for extra Strength and Looks.

Size :

M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16

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